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led rope lights Versatile, cuttable and easy to use and install. Sub-miniature bulbs encased in flexible PVC tubing enhancing durability and easy to bend into shapes to create mesmerizing effects

led rope lights This LED rope light is your must-have decor for holidays and parties. Contains red, green, yellow and blue 4 color LEDs, shines like a rainbow

led rope lights extra long life span and low power consumption (26 percent of total consumption of standard filament bulb) Easily to Bend into Any Shape

led rope lights 120 volt LED rope light spool is 150 ft package for making projects, it is very versatile for shops, bars, pubs, restaurants, markets and houses

led rope lights creating figure or building sign display in many occasions such as corners, ceilings, staircases, decks, driveways, boats, galleries, clubs and parties


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Led Rope Lights You Can Upgrade The Rope Lights For Different Lengths Longer Or Shorter Or Several Colors With Free Power Cord And Tow Power Connectors SetLed Rope Lights Our LED Rope Lights Use Less Power Than Incandescent, The LED's Have A 50'000 To 100'000 Hr Lifespan. It Will Have Less Heat Output And No Heat Dissipation ProblemLed Rope Lights This LED Rope Light Is Your Must Have Decor For Holidays And Parties. Contains Red, Green, Yellow And Blue 4 Color LEDs, Shines Like A RainbowLed Rope Lights Choose LED Rope Light Spool For Indoor Or Outdoor Application, Like Gardens, Tents, Windows, Trees, Walkways, Cabinets, Decks, Bars, Great For Restaurants, Theater DecorationLed Rope Lights With 2 Wires, 3 Wires, 5 Wires Connection For Different Function, Like Instant, Chasing, Super Bright, Super Chasing, Bi Color, Multi ColorLed Rope Lights 120 Volt LED Rope Light Spool Is 150 Ft Package For Making Projects, It Is Very Versatile For Shops, Bars, Pubs, Restaurants, Markets And HousesLed Rope Lights Extra Long Life Span And Low Power Consumption (26 Percent Of Total Consumption Of Standard Filament Bulb) Easily To Bend Into Any ShapeLed Rope Lights Ultra Rope Light (Flexilight) With LED (Light Emitting Diode), Contrastive To Traditional Filament Bulbs, The Energy Saving; Environment Friendly And Durability Characteristics UtilizeLed Rope Lights Creating Figure Or Building Sign Display In Many Occasions Such As Corners, Ceilings, Staircases, Decks, Driveways, Boats, Galleries, Clubs And PartiesLed Rope Lights Versatile, Cuttable And Easy To Use And Install. Sub Miniature Bulbs Encased In Flexible PVC Tubing Enhancing Durability And Easy To Bend Into Shapes To Create Mesmerizing EffectsLed Rope Lights 2 Wires Features Steady Burn And Much Less Energy Consumed. Suitable For Decorating Or Illuminating Your Home Or BusinessLed Rope Lights Light Emitting Diode (LED) Is A Chemical Substance, Which Can Emit Light When Current Passes Through. The Characteristics Of LED Are Cold Light, High Pressure Resistance
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